Want to dictate the terms for real estate agencies and check their work?
requests to rent property

I've read one interesting research and found that the large percentage of requests sent by clients to various internet portals and real estate agents web sites don’t reach the addressee, or are neglected. If the client makes the request to rent property, and the agency is considering the application as the budget or impossible to implement, in most cases, the agency ignores the request without informing the client. As the result, the customer loses time waiting for answer, search for another agency, or portal, where the same situation can happen. These factors contribute to distrust of customers to the companies.

However on one portal i found really intrersting system of requests processing.
This unique system allows the client to control the entire process, from submitting of request to its completion.

Their unique system requests processing allows the client:
• see the status of the request throughout the process of its processing;
• choose real estate agency with whom to transact form the rating of agencies;
• see the number of agencies simultaneously processing the request;
• communicate with partners, real estate agencies through internal chat, and receive files (pictures, photo plans, presentations) in mode of real time;
• choose the best proposals of agencies that quickly responded to the request in accordance with specified requirements and price range;
• choose the agency with which to bargain;
• receive the preliminary contract and send the receipt of payment via the internal messaging in the portal and keep all the documentation;
• get additional support and assistance in dealing with controversial issues from portal (partner of portal sign the contract, which undertakes to implement the commitments to customers);

Spanish real estate by the sea: the pros and cons

property Spain

Today many people choose Spanish property, prefer real estate on the coast: property in Spain, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, etc. Of course, the possession of such real estate has its undoubted merits. It allows you to enjoy not only a warm climate, but also the fresh sea air and beach holidays. Villa or house on the coast – it’s opportunity not to think about where to spend the next holiday. But don’t forget that the acquisition of property which is located in one of the coasts, has certain disadvantages, and they must be considered when purchasing.

The first of these - house in Spain near the sea or apartment in one of the resort towns, would cost more expensive for purchaser. However, not for all buyers of Spanish property savings when making purchase is important. But don’t forget that nimber of tourists in resort area increases significantly in the high season. So, overcrowded beaches, and crowds on the parking and stores, and the inability to eat in favorite restaurant. At the same time, in the end of the season, many restaurants and entertainment are closed, and it’s difficult to find opportunities for interesting leisure activities.

Today, many who love quiet beach holiday, find the compromise: buy real estate in resort areas, but at the distance from the sea. In this case, they don’t overpay for the proximity to the beach. But it’s very easy to get to the beach. The great option could be property in Spain - apartments or villas, which have their own pool. These apartments, in principle, can be purchased at the considerable distance from the sea, in one of the major cities. In this case, property owne can consider the fact that even if he decides to use it in the off-season, he can be sure about the fun and exciting holiday.

9 basic rules of viewing and buying apartment in Spain.

the main rules of buying property in Spain
The main purpose of this blog is to tell prospective buyers how to act and what to consider when viewing  property in Spain, to avoid surprises and troubles in future.
1. View apartments at least 30 minutes.
Most buyers are trying to view all apartments in one day. And they do it, usually on weekends. Don’t do it! It takes minimum 30 minutes to view one apartment, view no more than 3 options per day and write all the details of each apartment.
2. View apartment only with the agency.
View apartment with only local agency you trust. They are doing it every day and won’t let you forget to ask about some important details.
3.View apartments with interpreter.
It is necessary to understand everything. Even the smallest detail can cause serious problems in the future.
4. View apartment not only inside.
Condition of the house, yard, the presence of shops play important role when purchasing property in Spain.
5. Visiting the apartment at second time make it in different time of day.
If you are viewing an apartment in Spain for the second time, do it at other times to appreciate the lighting of the apartment, the noise outside, and neighbors. Spain is known for its noisy nightlife, so during the day the street can be quiet but at night because of noise and fun, you can’t sleep.
6. Make sure that all communications are in excellent condition.
It is important for you that all pipes, roof and walls be ok and without defects. Repair the walls in Spain is very expensive.
7. Maintenance of the apartment.

Don’t forget to ask the seller, how much the maintenance of apartment per month if there are any additional expenses.
8. Unpleasant questions.
Don’t hesitate to ask why the owner is selling the apartment, when he repaired, etc.
9. Don’t hurry to show your interest to apartment.

The first view is just collection of information. Visiting the apartment second time ask for discount of 5-10% if you convince the seller, he must give you discount.

With these simple rules buying property in Spain will go smoothly and warn you from unpleasant surprises. To learn more about how to buy property in Spain you can in previous blogs, or directly on the portal TOP-CASA, where you will get comprehensive information from real professionals.

Purchase property in Spain - guarantee to get residence permit. Myth or reality?

proeprty costa del sol
Today I propose to consider very important question that interests most people who want to live in Spain.

Many people think in order to get residence permit in Spain it’s enough to buy property here and the problem is fixed. However, the stereotype that buying property in Spain is the guarantee for permanent residence in this country is not always true.

If you are applying to the agency in your country to buy property in Spain, and it’s trying to convince you that buying property in Spain you surely will get the residence permit in this country, think about the professionalism and competence of the agency. Spanish agencies will never speak of this. They know that no one can guarantee that you get the residence permit in Spain if you buy property here. This issue is considered by public bodies, and only they can guarantee it. If you are the owner of the business or property in Spain it only increases your chances of getting in the future and is the significant advantage, but not the reason.

Buying cheap property in Spain is a very common mistake made by buyers. But most of them are very sorry about a couple thousand dollars they saved. Property prices in Spain have dropped significantly over the period of crisis. And there is a lot of affordable real estate on market. But if you are offered to buy real estate, which is much lower than its market price. Think about it, everything is okay with this property, may be vendors don’t have right to sell it, if there are any rights to the property from third parties, the state of this property, or if the property should be demolished. Often low price of real estate is hiding something behind. And as you know free cheese is only in a mousetrap.

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How to choose the property in Spain?

Who pays the real estate agency for services, buyer or seller? You'll be surprised.

property Costa Blanca

Most often, when we buy real estate, we are trying to find something themselves and to avoid attracting unnecessary estate agents. But after a long search, wasting time and effort, we understand that time was wasted and you will have to apply exactly to the professionals. So today, in the third part of the theme about mistakes of buyers when buying property in Spain, I suggest to consider the common stereotype as: better and cheaper to buy property without any agents.

And so, desire to buy property in Spain without any agents can give us. I'm probably going to surprise many when I say that in Spain, owner pays for real estate agency services when selling property, not the buyer. Because he wants to sell the property and find client, not vice versa. Therefore, if you go directly to the seller, you don’t save, but only expose you to additional risks, not knowing the whole procedure of buying property in Spain. Now Spain's offer of real estate far exceeds demand, so the sellers and agents are going to all sorts of concessions to sell the property. Therefore, buying property in Spain with the help of agencies (in one of the blogs I will tell you how agencies in Spain to be trusted, and how not) you get free set of services to support your transaction, and free yourself from unwanted knowledge, waste of time and nerves. Everything is done by professionals, and you will only need to come and look at real estate.

Another thing, don’t ask your friends who live in Spain or who bought an apartment there to help you. After all, they also bought it with the agency. And if suddenly they accidentally give you false information, or miss something, you can’t then ask them to claim, but your friendship will suffer.

When the question arises how to find good real estate agency in Spain, I advise you to refer directly to the Spanish agencies, rather than their representatives in your country. Employees of the Spanish agents speak English, Russian or German and it won’t be difficult to understand each other. It is best to look for such agencies at real estate portals, such as Spanish Portal TOP-CASA. There dozens of agencies are collected, you can see the size of the agency, how much property they sell, which regions cover and compare with others. You can also watch rating of agencies, which immediately tells what to choose.

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Reasonable tips to consider when buying property in Spain. Very useful!

property in Spain


Today, I propose to consider these common mistakes that buyers make when buying property in Spain, as the purchase of unnecessarily large objects and the desire to get mortgage for the shortest period. These errors are very important, because if you get mortgage for minimum period of time and then can’t pay it, you have big problems. Not all banks are restructuring and often deprive buyers their property and expose it for sale, and paid money simply disappear. However, let’s proceed directly to discussion of mistakes

Buying unreasonably large house in Spain

Very often, when we buy villa or apartment in Spain as the second home in order several times per year to rest in it, we ask agents to offer the big villa, the most possible for our money. Although later we realize that house in Spain is large we don’t need it, and maintenance costs too much. And if you want to lease your huge villa or apartment in Spain, you need to find suitable client. Mostly companies of 4-6 people come to Spain and rent apartment with 2 bedrooms. And the competition for the big holiday companies is great. And your home is at risk be unoccupied during your absence. 
I recommend you to decide what area you really need before buying property in Spain. Just estimate the size of your family and the purpose of real estate. There is the big difference between the house for family holiday and the house for rent in Spain. Don’t overpay extra money for the square meters of house, they won’t give profit. 
Mortgage for minimum period

If you buy property in Spain in the mortgage, try to get if for the longest term, possible for you. Of course, longer tern means bigger interest on it, but the monthly payment on the loan will be minimal. And you can always pay off the loan early. It would cost just 1% penalty of the amount of the remaining debt. Agree, it is cheaper than the inability to pay, restructure it or see how your property goes under the hammer. Insure yourself against possible financial problems in the future, properly allocate your funds!

In the next blog, we will consider important mistakes such as buying property in Spain with the assistance of realtor and whom to ask to choose property for you in Spain. Read our blog and you'll learn how to correctly get the best real estate and not overpay.

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How to save money buying property in Spain. Main tips
real estate on Tenerife

Let’s consider closely the main mistakes that buyers often make when buying property in Spain.

Mistake 1. Buying property only in the most popular regions of Spain.
Foreign buyers of Spanish property believe that it’s necessary to buy real estate only in the most popular areas: Malaga, Barcelona,
​​Tenerife, Mallorca. In these regions, most of real estate are bought and sold. Consequently, the most expensive real estate is here, so local real estate agents offer to buy estate here. Because if you pay for property more, the higher fee they get. But real estate in other regions of Spain isn’t worse, but costs less. Besides buying property in such regions as Alicante, Murcia, Calpe, you can save not only at the purchase but also for a fee. And the rest of the money to spend for holiday.
Error 2. Best property in Spain is only on the coast.

Of course, the real estate on the coast of Spain makes it possible at any time to enjoy the gorgeous view from the window, listen to the sound of the surf, watch the ships going off into the distance. 
But such real estate costs by 20-30% more expensive than the one that is just 500-700 meters from the sea. So maybe better to sacrifice the view from the window and walk to the sea, thus saving 10,000 or even 20,000 euro? Besides real estate on the first line has the significant drawback. Once when the wind blows from the sea, in your apartment immediately turns the sand from local beaches. And you will have to immediately close the windows for any wind or constantly to pay for cleaning the apartment. Choose,  good view out the window and standing in the sand flat or saving of 20,000 euro and walking to the sea.
In the next blog we'll consider another mistakes and methods to save.


How not to make mistakes when buying property in Spain. Tips from professionals.

Now property prices in Spain have fallen, and buyers began to buy more houses and apartments in Spain. I would like to give some tips on how to buy property in Spain. According to statistics, 90% of all property buyers in Spain make some common mistakes that can lead to serious consequences. Buying property in Spain is very important act, so to make it, you need to carefully prepare for it and explore all the possible errors and features. Therefore, my blog will be of interest not only for those who are going to buy property in Spain, but also those who have become its owner, may still not too late to analyze and fix them.

And so, what are the most often mistakes when buying property in Spain?
- Focus on certain "promoted" the regions of Spain;
- The desire to buy property on the seafront;
- Buy unreasonably large real estate;
- The desire to receive mortgage for minimum period;
- The desire to buy property in Spain without agents;
- Bringing to friends instead of buying real estate with the help of professionals;
- Intention to obtain residence permit in Spain on the basis of home buying;
- Purchase small property because of lack of funds;
- Search of the cheapest real estate in Spain.

These are the most common mistakes when buying property in Spain. If you're going to buy property, maybe it is worth to analyze them and not to do in the future? In the next blog I'll tell you in detail about each mistake, why it occurs, what consequences it can bring and how to avoid it. I myself have committed these mistakes, so I think that it won’t be superfluous for you to know them. And remember, the smart learning from others' mistakes, and fool on his own. Be smarter and saner!

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Spend holiday in Croatia? It's the best for you to rent villa.


To spend holidays in Croatia has long become real pleasure. Croatia - country with wonderful history and rich culture. Croatia is considered to be the most environmental country in Europe. Crystal waves of the Adriatic sea wash the western shores of the country, forming chain of the golden beaches.
If you decide to spend holiday in this fabulous country, there will dilemma dilemma: where to stay? 
The best solution will be to rent villa in Croatia.

Today to rent good villa in Croatia, is much cheaper than room at the high class hotel.
To rent villa in Croatia is very simple. 
Now on the portal or real estate agency's website you can book villa or apartment for your holiday, we are always ready to help you, starting from the date of arrival and the distance to the sea.

In Croatia, there aren’t much really comfortable, exclusive villas with air conditioning, modern beautiful furniture, satellite TV, several bedrooms and bathrooms, swimming pool, sauna and etc.

Rent housing, as well as the opportunity to buy villa, property in Croatia - it's your dream that we help to realize every day at the highest level. 
Believe me, relaxing at your villa in Croatia - you will real pleasure and save good sum of money!
It is worth to note that to rent villa in Croatia – in the begining of the summer season is the service of high demand. 
It is best to book villa, especially on the sea front - before the spring! Otherwise, all the best options might be already occupied.
We wish you good rest at your villa in Croatia!

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Necessary features of reliable Spanish real estate agency.

 So you have clearly made decision that you want to purchase real estate in Spain, and have even determined what to buy in Spain, however, it is very essential to have an assistant who will assist you buy it. The main assistant of your purchasing real in Spain is the real estate agency. So let’s see what features should have an agency to fully and professionally help you.
Real estate agency in Spain should:
- Be experienced and speak well two languages
​​(Spanish and your language). Buying property in Spain is  important and big deal, so you need to understand the agent and he should understand you;
- Agency should focus on the real estate market of Spain and know all its features;
- Promptly respond to your questions. 
If the real estate agency in Spain answers for long time or even ignores your questions, don’t work with it.
- Provide detailed descriptions of real estate in Spain and clearly describe what is included in the cost of it: furniture, decoration, etc.;
- Show only that property in Spain that match your requirements. 
If agency shows other objects and tries to convince you that you need to buy them – don’t work with the agency;
-Have copies of all important documents. 
If agency doesn’t have them, then most likely it has no right to sell this property;
-Truthfully answer questions relating to real estate in Spain, its future prices;
- To accompany you at all stages: from the submission of your application to deal, including six months after purchase;
- Be present at the signing. 
The Agency should act as a guarantor of your property purchase in Spain;
- Real estate agency should clearly announce the amount of reward, so that later you don’t have any additional costs.
Here are the key properties of good real estate agency in Spain. 
If you are looking for property in Spain and the agent, I advise you visit real estate portal TOP-CASA. Here you can find good agency that can help find and buy nice property. Moreover portal works only with the most reliable real estate agencies in Spain, as well as can be additional guarantee when you buy property in Spain.



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