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Want to dictate the terms for real estate agencies and check their work?
requests to rent property

I've read one interesting research and found that the large percentage of requests sent by clients to various internet portals and real estate agents web sites don’t reach the addressee, or are neglected. If the client makes the request to rent property, and the agency is considering the application as the budget or impossible to implement, in most cases, the agency ignores the request without informing the client. As the result, the customer loses time waiting for answer, search for another agency, or portal, where the same situation can happen. These factors contribute to distrust of customers to the companies.

However on one portal i found really intrersting system of requests processing.
This unique system allows the client to control the entire process, from submitting of request to its completion.

Their unique system requests processing allows the client:
• see the status of the request throughout the process of its processing;
• choose real estate agency with whom to transact form the rating of agencies;
• see the number of agencies simultaneously processing the request;
• communicate with partners, real estate agencies through internal chat, and receive files (pictures, photo plans, presentations) in mode of real time;
• choose the best proposals of agencies that quickly responded to the request in accordance with specified requirements and price range;
• choose the agency with which to bargain;
• receive the preliminary contract and send the receipt of payment via the internal messaging in the portal and keep all the documentation;
• get additional support and assistance in dealing with controversial issues from portal (partner of portal sign the contract, which undertakes to implement the commitments to customers);


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